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With the many opportunities to share the Refuge and the Friends’ message at Open Houses, community events, grower’s markets, and the like, it is really very important to have the support of our Friends and Volunteers.  We want to spread the word about the Refuge and all the great things happening now and even more exciting developments as the Refuge takes shape.  But to do this, we need help from all of our Friends. 

We are asking our Friends to give an hour or two each month to support our events.  Not too much to ask, is it?  Please consider helping the Refuge and the Friends by participating in these public events.  All it takes are 2-4 hours to be at the Friends events table to share with the public the work of the Refuge and the Friends group, encourage others to learn about the Refuge, and offer the opportunity of becoming  a member of the Friends.  There are also opportunities for the public to purchase Friends merchandise.

Volunteering as a Friends member at these events, will help the Valle de Oro NWR directly.  Each hour of volunteering translates into additional funding for the Refuge from the Fish and Wildlife Service.  And volunteer hours also benefit the Refuge and Friends group directly for receiving grants funding.  Each hour can be used as “in kind” services when applying for grants.

Events Committee  Chair: Cinnamon Weaver,, (505) 507-6416.  The Events Committee will organize events and festivals to highlight the Refuge. Our Volunteer Coordinator, John Kwait, jkwait@friendsofvalledeoro, will coordinate volunteers for the different venues in which we participate.  For starters, we need your help to:

        • set up and staff tables for public events such as South Valley Pride Day, Growers Markets, monthly Refuge Open Houses, etc
        • network and attend other organization’s meeting and events so the FVDONWR can show support
        • Co-host dignitary visits and USFWS sponsored events
        • Coordinate the annual "Birthday Party" celebrating the Refuge Land Acquisition 

Fundraising  Committee  Fundraising Chair: Carol Kline,, (505) 720-2550.  This committee will investigate and implement fundraising opportunities in order to raise money to develop and support the FVDONWR, educational programs, outreach and events on the Refuge.

        • Coordinate an annual fundraising gala and other fundraising events
        • Manage promotional items to be sold at events and venues
        • Solicit donations


Grant Committee Grant Writing Chair: Teri Jillson,, (505) 417-2561.  This committee will investigate grant possibilities, complete and submit grant applications in order to procure funds to develop and support FVDONWR, educational programs, outreach and events on the Refuge.

        • Investigate and complete grant applications


 Communications Committee Chair: Abby Boling,, (505) 877-1980.  The Communications Committee will manage the FVDONWR social media sites and publicize FVDNWR and Refuge events.

        • Manage Facebook page, keeping it current
        • Establish a photo database
        • Oversee webpage management
        • Develop a media plan
        • Generate a quarterly newsletter

Membership Committee  Chair: Ric Watson,, (505) 235-9988.  The Membership Committee will manage the FVDONWR’s growing membership.

        • Oversee member database creation and management
        • Send out reminder emails and snail mail for membership renewal
        • Translate FVDONWR brochure into Spanish


 Education Committee  Chair: Kathy Caffrey,, (505) 362-0813.  Education is going to be a significant focus of the Refuge.  The Education Committee will help develop and conduct environmental and cultural education and outreach efforts and on-site programs to engage and inspire children and the public.


        • Assist Refuge Manager to develop and conduct on-site and outreach programs and educator training, including outdoor classroom curriculum, eventual summer programs, etc.
        • Build relationships with schools and other institutions and promote Refuge programs
        • Build relationships with educators and promote educator training and student programs
        • Recruit and train volunteers to give on-site and outreach education programs
        • Oversee the development and running of a Junior Friends group

“Other” Committee Chair: Teri Jillson,, (505) 615-5728.

If you have a talent in an area not covered by the above committees, or an idea for something you think the FVDONWR can do to support the Refuge, please contact me.  For example, maybe you have a connection with the Boy Scouts or another organization and can help facilitate their involvement.  Perhaps you know how to make origami cranes and can conduct a workshop or make centerpieces for event---the list is endless!

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